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NFT Project ‘Akutars’ Permanently Locks Users Crypto, Upto 11539 ETH Worth $34 MIllion
Solidity developer foobar tweeted that 11,539 ETH (worth $34 million) is permanently locked in the AkuDreams contract
5:53 23rd Apr, 2022

Neither individual users nor development teams can withdraw the funds. Furthermore, after complete refund processing, set each bid status to 1. Therefore, the user cannot call emergencyWithdraw(). In addition, the team cannot receive funds, which is equivalent to destruction.

In this regard, the NFT project Akutars said that the contract exploiters were not malicious, and after the team researched deeply and took ownership, they quickly removed the vulnerability. The team is also investigating why the project funds were locked up. Many developers stepped in and contracted to issue refunds to the community. However, those who bid 0.5 ETH per bid have not received a refund. The team will further consult the processing and issue the refund.


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