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Animal Concerts Is Taking Over The Music Metaverse, New Song By Snoop Dogg
Animal Concerts is creating next generation experiences for concerts online and in the metaverse! Since its token launch on the March 29, ANML has been featured as number one on CoinMarketCap’s list of Trending.
Himanshu S.
6:51 30th Apr, 2022

Cryptocurrencies and in the top three biggest gainers, positioning the ANML token as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

Known for working with musical artists, such as Alicia Keys, Future, Busta Rhymes, Diplo, Meek Mill and Gunna, Animal Concerts is helping established and emerging artists with their journey into NFTs and other crypto-related endeavors. These superstars are thus brought into Web3 to perform for a potentially unlimited worldwide audience. Additionally, Animal Concerts continues to add to its arsenal by acquiring a wide variety of intellectual property, which will be utilized to create a growing library of content. It includes Keys’ upcoming rare and exclusive NFT drop and the internet’s most famous French bulldog, Izzy the Frenchie.

“We’re democratizing concerts,” says Colin Fitzpatrick, the company’s CEO and long-time marketing, sales and tech consultant for brands, such as Dell, Salesforce, HubSpot and Oracle. “You no longer have to be the lucky person that gets to see your favorite band if they come to your local city. With Animal Concerts, artists come to you. By filming these artists in 3D and using a headset like an Oculus Quest, we can provide an extremely personal yet completely immersive, shared experience. This is a game changer for many.”

On March 29, Animal Concerts hosted a token generation event (TGE), which successfully launched their native “Animal” token. Like other project tokens, it will initially establish Web3 value before being used for access to behind-the-scenes content, advance ticket sales, future NFT drops, IRL and online community events, customizable merchandise, downloads and other utilitarian incentives. The Animal token launched several top exchanges concurrently: Bitmart, Huobi, and Uniswap.

The launch event was followed on April 1 by the exclusive release of a new song via The Avila Brothers Music Group/BMG. The track, titled “A Hard Working Man,” featured hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus, backed by executive producers Animal Concerts. The Avila Brothers, who created the masters for the song, are responsible for hit albums and singles, from Usher to Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani and many more.

Snoop and Cyrus’ new track is a humble, yet prideful ode to gritty American industrialism and worker solidarity, with a nod to America’s rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape.

The Grammy Award-winning Avila Brothers partnered to produce the track with Bernard Alexander, a legend in the rap music industry and a major entrepreneurial visionary and creative strategist in the early days of Web3. Alexander teamed up with the Brothers — who wrote the track prior to the COVID-19 pandemic — and brought it to Snoop and Cyrus, who created what is sure to be a pop music juggernaut.

“Instead of going to a record company and selling it in the traditional manner, Bernard partnered with us,” the Dublin-born Fitzpatrick explains. Animal Concerts — as much a Web3 metaverse platform as it is a global entertainment company — now owns perpetual rights to the song. This is meaningful on the heels of COVID-19, as it shut down touring for many acts, resulting in the loss of crucial revenue streams for musicians — especially as paltry streaming-service revenues continue to trickle.

Animal Concerts is not the first player in the virtual concert game. Both Ariana Grande and Travis Scott performed within Fortnite’s open world video game metaverse, generating tens of millions of dollars each. Similarly, Snoop himself recently teamed up with Gala Games, where his NFT music drop generated roughly $40 million. A-list musicians and other performers are beginning to sniff out a potential revolution for the long-beleaguered music industry. And Animal Concerts wants to hold their hand.


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