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Animoca Brands Partners With Untamed Planet To Develop “Untamed Metaverse”
“We are extremely proud to work with Untamed Planet to support a project that is both a good cause and an extremely promising open metaverse development,” says Animoca founder.
6:29 6th May, 2022

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd has invested in and partnered with Untamed Planet to develop and publish Untamed Metaverse, a major upcoming game to benefit nature conservation efforts.

Untamed had completed a US$24.3 million Series A funding led by Animoca Brands, which will support the development of this immersive metaverse experience in partnership with Animoca and its subsidiary nWay.

Untamed Metaverse is a 3D immersive experience in which players will be able to explore a digital twin of the world’s most amazing wild landscapes, participate in quests, collect NFT assets, and form communities passionate about protecting nature, all of which will directly benefit nature conservation efforts in the real world.

“Extremely promising”

Commenting on the partnership, Animoca co-founder and executive chairman Yat Siu said: “We are extremely proud to work with Untamed Planet to support a project that is both a good cause and an extremely promising open metaverse development.

“We look forward to advancing the ways in which technology can drive nature conservation.”

NFT drop

The first collaboration by Animoca and Untamed Planet is an NFT collection of animal avatars based on the work of world-renowned photographer David Yarrow.

Notably, Yarrow has donated six of his original wildlife photos to the NFT.

Consequently, the NFTs will go on sale this month and all proceeds will be donated to wildlife conservation efforts.

New Web3 prospects

Untamed Planet studio head Scott Bandy said: “What excites me about the Untamed Planet mission is the opportunity to merge mainstream gaming with the new prospects that Web3 enables for digital ownership by players to drive real-world conservation - this project is epic.

"We couldn’t have hoped for better partners than Animoca Brands and nWay.”

Untamed Planet is digitising the world’s most amazing wildlife ecosystems and creating fun, nature-based experiences through which engagement in the digital world directly benefits conservation in the real world.

The company uses Web3 technology to build sustainable sources of donations for nature while providing play-to-earn and play-to-protect opportunities for Untamed Planet community members.

All blockchain projects undertaken by Untamed Planet, including Untamed Metaverse, will prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability.


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