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British Unilever Brand AXE Brings Back Its Dogecoin-Themed Deodorant
After introducing Dogecan body spray last year, AXE is back with “Dogecan: The Stick” deodorant for DogeDay (4/20).
Uzma D.
10:13 21st Apr, 2022

Axe, one of the most popular personal care brands owned by British company Unilever, has just announced a limited edition of a Dogecoin-themed deodorant in a Tweet and Instagram.

The announcement was made on the occasion of “Dogeday,” which is celebrated on Apr. 20. The choice of the date is an obvious nod to the pot 4/20 joke that has been overused by centibillionaire Elon Musk, who happens to be the most vocal supporter of the original meme cryptocurrency.

A year ago, the supporters of the meme cryptocurrency attempted to push the price of the biggest meme cryptocurrency to $1. The attempt failed, but the Bitcoin parody did end up surging to $0.73 in early May before witnessing a rapid crash. Dogecoin is currently down 80.84% from its all-time high, currently trading at $0.14 on major spot exchanges.

This is not the first time Axe promised to make crypto-scented body spray last year. Despite Dogecoin not hitting $1, the company started giving away cans of Axe Dogecan to some superfans of the top meme cryptocurrency who had to register in advance to get it.  

Unilever has also decided to join the metaverse. It filed several trademark applications in late March to offer virtual goods, such as deodorants and antiperspirants, under the AXE brand.


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