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BAYC's Co-Founder Warns Of Social Media Attacks
Yuga Labs co-founder states that there will be no surprise mints from the team ever alerting the investors to stay away from such announcements.
Himanshu S.
6:45 13th Jun, 2022

The co-founder of Yuga Labs and BAYC, Wylie Aronow aka Gordon Goner, warns investors about potential attacks on the social media accounts related to Yuga Labs.

Goner also revealed that the attacks will be done with the help of a Twitter insider who is trying to breach the security of their accounts.

The Yuga Labs team has since then contacted Twitter itself who confirmed that they are actively monitoring the related social media accounts and the security has been enhanced.

The Yuga Labs co-founder also warned the community that there will be no surprise mints whatsoever as that’s how attackers take advantage of investors FOMO.

Yuga Labs’ projects are continuously being the victims of planned attacks so this warning is necessary as most of the community is vulnerable to the news of surprise mint or in most cases the naive ones accidentally click on phishing links.

Just a few days back, BAYC discord was hit with a phishing attack of 200 ETH after community manager Boris Vagner’s Discord account was reportedly hacked. Before that in April BAYC’s Instagram account got hacked and around 91 NFTs were stolen by the attackers.


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