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Bitcoin Mining Operations May Soon Be Relocating To Kenya
The African country now offers miners a green energy source to achieve their green mining goals.
12:30 7th Jun, 2022

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is often the subject of strong criticism. However, since the summer of 2020, the cryptocurrency ecosystem and miners seem determined to use other energy sources with a lower carbon footprint. Kenya wants to help the industry achieve this goal. In this sense, the nation wants to offer renewable energy sources to Bitcoin miners.

KenGen Romances Miners

So far, Africa does not host any Bitcoin mining farms. But the Kenyan energy company KenGen wants to change this reality. It intends to make green energy sources available to miners. To benefit, they must place their facilities around the company’s geothermal plant.

“We have space and electricity is close, which contributes to stability,” said Peketsa Mwangi, KenGen’s director of geothermal development.

According to Quartz Africa, Kenya could be the leading producer of thermal energy in Africa. The country has a supply capacity of 863 MW, mainly supplied by KenGen. However, experts estimate that the country could have a thermal energy potential of 10,000 MW.


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