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Cardano Launches An Explainer Textbook For Newcomers
Cardano is stepping up its adoption campaign with a new book aimed at helping those new to the network.
Muskaan T.
10:34 8th Jul, 2022

It seems that Cardano’s drive isn’t running out any time soon. Just after news of the Vassil upgrade that should totally overhaul the network, Cardano is now launching a handbook for the newcomers. Its launch and access directives were released in a Twitter post by Cardano’s IOHK department.

The book, written by John Greene, is titled: “Cardano For the M₳sses: A Financial Operating System for people who don’t have one.”

In other words, this book is designed to introduce newcomers to the Cardano network’s inner workings without the technical complexities. It’s basically written for the clueless beginner who needs a quick catch-up to join and understand the Cardano community.


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