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Central Coast Company To Accept Cryptocurrency At Their Car Dealerships
The Cardinale Automotive Group, which owns 22 car dealerships in three states, will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. The automotive group owns four car dealerships in Monterey County.
Himanshu S.
5:33 14th May, 2022

The transactions would be processed through BitPay.

"Our automotive group is very forward thinking on their belief that cryptocurrency is the future and a hedge against inflation. We realize that almost all transactions are done electronically now. Rarely is anything done with cash and we strongly believe in digital assets." said John Guru, Corporate General Manager and Director of Digital Assets. "BitPay manages the entire process turning the customers crypto into dollars deposited into our bank account the next business day.

The company hopes to attract new business with this added payment method.

Cardinale Automotive Group is a Central Coast businesses headquartered in Marina.


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