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Crypto .com To Reduce Visa Card Rewards Starting June 1 will make several adjustments to its Visa Card Rewards Program starting at 12:00 AM on June 1 UTC.
Uzma D.
12:38 2nd May, 2022

These include reducing CRO card rewards and introducing monthly CRO card reward caps. They will also be introducing 5 high-level card rewards and stop CRO staking rewards among other things.

Cardholders who still have a valid 6-month pledge period before 1:00 PM on May 1 will continue to earn CRO card rewards. They will also receive CRO pledge rewards at the current rate until their 180-day pledge period ends.

A) Reduction of CRO Card Rewards

Cardholders with an active 6-month stake and who staked before 1 May 2022 13:00 UTC will continue to earn CRO Card rewards on spending at the current rate until their 180-day stake expires. Thereafter, the revised rates will apply. Cardholders who stake CRO after their 180-day lock expires will earn card spending rewards as per the schedule below:

B) Introduction of monthly CRO Card rewards cap

Depending on your current Card tier, there is a maximum monthly cap on how much CRO Card rewards you can earn when you spend on your Visa Card. For example, if you own a Ruby Steel Card, your monthly CRO Card rewards will be capped at US$25.

There is no monthly CRO Card rewards cap for Icy White, Frosted Rose Gold, and Obsidian cardholders.

C) Phasing out Card CRO staking rewards

CRO staking rewards will no longer be offered to Jade Green, Royal Indigo, Frosted Rose Gold, Icy White, and Obsidian cardholders from the Effective Date. Cardholders who still have an active 6-month stake and who staked before 1 May 2022 13:00 UTC will continue to receive their CRO staking rewards until the end of their 180-day staking period.

There is no change to other Card benefits. You will continue to receive 100% reimbursements for your favourite monthly subscription services, including Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. This will be excluded from the calculation of your monthly CRO cap. Jade Green, Royal Indigo, and other higher-tier cardholders can continue to enjoy unlimited complimentary LoungeKey™ airport lounge access.

Here’s an illustration* on how much savings a Jade Green cardholder with an active CRO stake can enjoy each year:

Introducing these changes to the card program is a difficult decision. We are committed to continue exploring and forging new partnerships to unlock greater value and benefits for our cardholders such as our partnership with Dosh, a cash-back rewards platform in the U.S.


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