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Dogecoin Nodes Migrating To Recently Released Core Version
Dogecoin developers released Core 1.14.6 update last Thursday.
Ankita K.
10:57 25th Jul, 2022

As shared by Dogecoin developer Inevitable360, Dogecoin nodes are migrating to the recently released Core update v.14.6. However, there remains a lot of ground to cover.

According to the whatisdogecoin website, there are still 1,803 nodes running on the old version 1.14.5, while 251 nodes are currently running on the latest release v.14.6. In all, there are currently 5,674 nodes on the network.

In essence, Dogecoin nodes are programs that verify transactions and blocks. The Dogecoin full node, which verifies transactions on the blockchain, is the most widely used kind of Dogecoin node.

The network must be entirely supported and maintained by individual computers running full nodes since Dogecoin asserts itself to be fully decentralized, meaning there is no central authority that owns or runs it.

Dogecoin developers released the Core 1.14.6 update last Thursday. The minor version release brings important network performance improvements and security upgrades. Additionally, the release lowers the suggested Dust limit for each user on the Dogecoin network from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE.

Node operators can also have more precise control over the node's network capacity thanks to a further wallet-related improvement that enables them to modify the maximum number of connections their node permits without having to restart.

According to developer docs, a new remote procedure call (RPC) method, rescan, has been implemented to let node operators rescan the chain for wallet transactions starting at a specific height. As stated in a Github release, "This can help speed up the rescan process for keys known to be generated after a certain date or block height."


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