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Epic Games & Lego Are Collaborating To Create A Kid-Friendly Metaverse
The firms have not given any information at this time, Engadget says that they intend to “influence the future of the metaverse in order to make it safe and pleasant for children and families.”
Kabir V.
12:01 8th Apr, 2022

People of all ages will be able to enjoy the “immersive, creatively inspirational, and engaging digital experience” created by the companies, which will be guided by three guiding principles.

Their promise includes protecting children’s right to play by prioritising their safety and well-being; protecting children’s privacy by putting their best interests first and providing children and adults with tools that allow them to take charge of their digital lives.

Epic and Lego did not provide a specific date for when their collaborative idea of a virtual world will be available for purchase. According to the paper, Epic Games’ Fortnite is likely the most well-known example of a kid-friendly metaverse. Fortnite’s battle royale modes, various crossovers, concerts, movie nights, and creative islands have all contributed to the game’s emergence as an immensely popular virtual hangout for players.

Lego has also gained valuable experience in virtual environments. The company was also the driving force behind a sandbox game called Lego Worlds, which was released alongside its long-running series of licenced games (including one that just debuted this week in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga).


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