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Fake Louis Vuitton NFT Project Gets Listed On OpenSea
An NFT influencer was seen minting one of these Louis Vuitton NFTs earlier today as people are tracking this persons wallet.
Himanshu S.
7:33 28th Apr, 2022

The one individual who came across this collection said it hit all the check marks. Blue tick, high floor and mint of website function. Furthermore, certain individuals couldn’t believe their luck. Mint price was 0.12 ETH, a supposed NFT influencer had minted and floor on secondary was 26.7 ETH.

Louis Vuitton NFT scam collection featured on OpenSea.

Most often times when something looks to good to be true, it is. This specific case doesn’t deviate from that.

Individuals Thought It Was a Potential Louis Vuitton Stealth NFT Drop

This specific Louis Vuitton scam collection was airdropped into a bunch of influencers wallets and in turn showed up on people tracking the wallets alerts. Unlucky individuals saw this and minted from their main wallets. Further, having all their valuable NFTs stolen from their account.

The amount of scam airdropped NFTs is astronomical, especially to wallets that people are tracking. Unless something has reputable info or individuals backing it, its always safer to assume the airdropped NFT is a scam. Unfortunately in this specific case, some people learnt that the hard way.

As previously mentioned, when something is too good to be true, it generally is. The collection is still live on OpenSea and has 628 owners out of a 703 supply. One thing to note is that it has 0 ETH traded on the secondary. I highly recommend staying as far away from this and airdropped NFTs moving forward.


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