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FC Bayern Munich Becomes First EuroLeague Team To Launch NFT Collectibles
FC Bayern Munich advanced to the EuroLeague playoffs for the second consecutive season and celebrates this feat with the launch of their first NFT Collectibles. The German club paves the way as the first EuroLeague club to do so.
9:41 7th Apr, 2022

The German club becomes the first EuroLeague club to do so and their collection will be released on Thursday, April 7 at 18:00 CET.

The EuroLeague introduced NFTs (non-fungible tokens, digital records that can represent any physical or intangible item) at the 2021 Final Four in Cologne, a first for European basketball. This form of collectibles exploded into the NFT market with the creation of NBA Top Shot, which allows fans to buy, sell and trade officially licensed video highlights.

The Golden State Warrio rs were the first NBA team to release their own NFT collection in April 2021, while the defending champions milwaukee bucks they announced their own collection last week.

With NTFs becoming increasingly popular around the world, Bayern have jumped on the bandwagon in cooperation with Berlin start-up FANZONE, offering all new users a free package immediately, according to their official statement. The First Player Collection will include 43 motifs from the current squad in various versions and with increasing exclusivity and value. There will be four rarity levels for digital cards: Common (3,000), Rare (1,000), Epic (500), and Legendary (100). The cards are divided into three different card packs containing five to nine cards with different levels of rarity.

“With my close ties to the NBA and my friends who still play there, I know how good NFTs can be for fans and I am very happy that my club is starting its own NFT project,” says the Bayern player and expert. at NFT Paul Zipser.


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