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Federal Election Donations In The U.S. Can Now Be Made In Crypto
The company, called Crowdpac say they will simplify the donation process and ensure that campaigns using their services are in compliance with Federal Election Commission regulations.
9:04 6th May, 2022

Crowdpac’s Christopher Tavlarides said, “Donors on Crowdpac understand the power of tech and want it to be used to support the politicians and issues they care about. By accepting crypto, Crowdpac is helping its members innovate and break free from big partisan processors that favor the entrenched status quo and do not accept these innovative payment methods.”

Crowdpac say that when crypto is donated, “the donation is liquidated and funds passed on to the campaign via direct deposit or check, ensuring that campaigns receive and can use the donation immediately.”

Crowdpac claim they have four million users and 360,000 donors. 65% are women and minorities. Said Tavlarides, “We are making it simple for grassroots candidates traditionally left out of the political process to compete and win. More Americans than ever – at least one in five – are now using cryptocurrency. We want them to know that they can and should put crypto to work to amplify their voices.”

Launched in 2014, Crowdpac has raised over $32 million in pledges and contributions. Donations average $53.37.


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