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Floki Inu To Launch A “New & Aggressive” Marketing Campaign In London
Meme-based cryptocurrency Floki Inu (FLOKI) has launched a "new and aggressive" marketing campaign in London.
12:22 26th Apr, 2022

The team behind the meme cryptocurrency stated that Floki-themed posters will appear on 100 buses in London with 203 "strategic placements" across the London Underground. The team estimates that the ads "will be seen tens of millions of times" by commuters and tourists.

Commenting on the initiative, FLOKI Marketing Director Sabre said:

Previously, The UK advertising watchdog has banned a London underground campaign for Floki Inu.

"We’ve been working extremely hard. We’ve been working a long time. And to be completely blunt, we’ve got a win for crypto here, and I’m proud to announce that for the first London campaign of 2022, FLOKI is back in London on the 25th of April, which is Monday. This coming Monday."

The advertising campaign comes less than two months after its previous campaign was banned by England’s advertising regulators. Clarifying on that, the team stated:

"Floki is very particular about being compliant and working with regulatory bodies to ensure that our ads are in accordance with the law. The last campaign we did which generated a lot of controversies got every necessary clearance and approval from relevant bodies before it went. It wouldn't have run otherwise!"


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