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Former Nintendo North America President, A Believer In Blockchain & Play-To-Own Technology
Former Nintendo North America president Reggie Fils-Aimé was asked at the SXSW festival last week about the role blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and play-to-earn technology in the future of gaming.
Himanshu S.
10:39 3rd May, 2022

With excitement, he believes that blockchain can make a difference in games.

"So I'm a believer in blockchain. I think it's a really compelling technology. I'm also a believer in the concept of 'play to own' within video games, and I say this as a player where I may have invested 50 hours, 100 hours, or 300 hours in a game, and when I'm ready to move on to something else, wouldn't it be great to monetize what I've built?" he shared.

To his credit, Fils-Aimé did say that the use of blockchain needs to be thoughtful and consumer-friendly: "Now I say that in the context of 'it needs to make sense for the player'. It can't just be an approach by the developer that it's interesting or it's a way for them as a development entity to make more money. In the end, it's got to be good for the player, but I see an opportunity."


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