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George Floyd’s Brother Releases An NFT Collection For Racial Equality
Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, murdered by a police officer, is launching a racial equality NFT collection. These NFTs will highlight the need for reform and the fight for justice everywhere whilst raising charity money.
Kabir V.
12:31 15th Apr, 2022

Significantly, these NFTs will honour Justice Day on April 15th. The NFTs are free and are available on the 22nd April via

George Floyd’s NFT collection continues the fight for racial equality and justice.

The murder of George Floyd shook the world in 2020. His death at the hands of a serving police officer highlighted the reality of racism in America and across the globe. Massive protests took place worldwide, and it appeared as though real change was on the way.

After two years, there is a slow down in progress, and George Floyd’s brother, Terrence, continues to fight for police reform and justice. Now, this new collection of NFTs will help keep the fight alive in the name of George Floyd.

“[Police reform] is changing, but it’s not changing rapidly,” said Terrence. “But it’s changing. Nothing in the physical form will change until you change your mindset.”

The NFTs themselves are an extension of the broader project by Confront Art called ‘SEEINJUSTICE’. This series features George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sculptures, both killed by the police in 2020. The art series by Chris Carnabuci also includes prominent civil rights activists, such as the late and great Rep John Lewis.

The funds raised from this NFT project by the brother of George Floyd will go to three fantastic charities that focus on racial equality and justice. The Breonna Taylor Foundation, the John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation, and We Are Floyd Org.


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