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‘Godmother Of The Metaverse’ Says Web3 Is ​​the Next Level Of Social Interaction
The future of the metaverse is a further convergence of our physical and digital lives, Cathy Hackl says.
3:23 1st Aug, 2022

Web3 gaming remains popular despite the bear market, “I hope the future is more PokemonGo and less Ready Player One,” she says.

Cathy Hackl first experienced the wonders of virtual reality (VR) over ten years ago and was convinced that it would be the future of storytelling.

She began looking for job opportunities in the space and found herself working for cinematic VR studio Future Lighthouse, then later she took a position at HTC Vive — a company that creates VR headsets —as its VR evangelist.

After a few more gigs in the space, she eventually landed a role at Magic Leap as an enterprise strategist, where she was first exposed to the concept of the metaverse. She decided to launch her own consultancy and dove in to Web3, with a specific focus on gaming, virtual fashion and NFTs.

Dubbed the “godmother of the metaverse,” Hackl spoke about her experience in the space and the technology she is most excited about building.


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