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India's TechPay Bags 'World's Fastest Blockchain' Award At Crypto Expo Asia
TechPay Coin, The Relatively Young High-Performance Blockchain Network Bags The Award For Being The “World’s Fastest Blockchain”
Ankita K.
10:08 29th Jun, 2022

TechPay Coin’s network accomplished past noteworthy throughput levels of 300,000+ TPS alongside an absolute minimum of 500 Milliseconds transaction Time-to-Finality.

The group of TechPay Coin got the award at Crypto Expo Asia, 2022, which occurred in Singapore on the 22nd and 23rd of June.

TechPay Coin (TPC) Is Blockchain 3.0

One of the Co-Founders of TechPay Coin alluded to TechPay as “Blockchain 3.0” in his speech. TechPay Blockchain can become a serious contender to conventional payment organizations, as TechPay Introducing Blockchain 3.0 beats the main issue for existing blockchains: Scalability.

How TechPay Became The Most Scalable Blockchain.

As an updated version of Blockchain 2.0, Blockchain 3.0 develops and refines its precursor’s creative capacities. TechPay utilizes a coordinated non-cyclic graph (DAG) as its information construction to work with a unidirectional information movement, decreasing block stretches.

TechPay grants the transaction to be completed sub-second — at an incredible speed of 300,000+ transactions each second, multiple times quicker than Visa and popular Layer-1 Ethereum.

Real-Time Transaction Capability | Minimal Gas Fees

TechPay recorded the quickest digital transaction involving value ever; The sub-second number sits at 471 Milliseconds. Using pBFT and DAG Consensus, The open-source TechPay fabricated a convention that can coordinate real-life trades without compromising a blockchain’s security while flaunting gas charges equivalent to a small part of a penny. To develop that utility, TechPay plans to send off a Payment Gateway System sooner or later, Enabling citizens to accept payment in digital currencies.

TechPay = Innovation

A definitive rationale in fostering the EVM Compatible TechPay blockchain was to settle the blockchain trilemma, supporting every one of the three beneficial qualities: scalability, decentralization, and security which Layer-1 Blockchains of the current period neglect to accomplish.


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