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Jakarta Provincial Government & WIR Group to Develop Jakarta Metaverse
The Provincial Government of Jakarta has established a strategic partnership to develop a metaverse platform with PT WIR Asia Tbk – a leading augmented reality-based technology company in Southeast Asia – to realize the vision of Jakarta as a developed city with excellent public services.
Muskaan T.
10:25 28th Apr, 2022

MoU signing for this partnership was done by Yudhistira Nugraha, S.T., M.ICT(Adv)., D.Phil., Director of Jakarta Smart City – The Provincial Government of Jakarta, and President Director of PT WIR Asia Tbk Michael Budi in Jakarta, Thursday (4/28).

"Jakarta Provincial Government has commitment for a comprehensive development across public service sectors through digital transformation, including by presenting metaverse virtual reality. In this developed, sustainable and cultured Jakarta that we envision, everyone is involved in realizing common civility, justice and prosperity," said Yudhistira Nugraha, Director of Jakarta Smart City.

Jakarta Provincial Government believed this partnership will bring remarkable opportunities to explore a multitude of potentials for development of public services unimaginable before. "This is our effort to provide comfort and convenience for Jakarta people in accessing and obtaining services," explained Yudhistira.

For WIR Group, this collaboration means a step forward to an important phase in the course of ecosystem development to support larger metaverse platform. "Development of our platform does take time and must be carried out in stages until 2024 given its high complexity," said President Director of WIR Group, Michael Budi. WIR Group plans to introduce the metaverse platform prototype in Q4 2022.

"We will support Jakarta by navigating them in doing interaction in the metaverse. Moreover, in developing technology, we always think and act according to the philosophy of our nation, by involving and seeking advices from local professionals with knowledge in the concept of culture and local wisdom," explained Michael.

Since 2009, WIR Group has completed thousands of projects and served clients in over 20 countries including the US, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar. WIR Group has received multiple international acknowledgments and accolades, such as 2020 German Design Award, AR Best Campaign in the Augmented World Expo's Auggie Awards 2015 and 2016 at Silicon Valley, Innovation 40 from The New Economy awarded at London Stock Exchange Studio in 2014, representing Indonesia during World Economic Forum 2019 & 2020, and covered by Forbes Georgia as one of the Metaverse Tech Companies to Watch in 2022.


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