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Leaked Report Allegedly Shows How Much Twitter Influencers Are Getting Paid To Shill Crypto Projects
A spreadsheet has been shared on Twitter allegedly showing how much Twitter influencers get paid to shill crypto projects. Twitter influencers with higher followers are paid more to shill a tweet and retweet.
Ankita K.
7:04 19th Apr, 2022
  • Shilling of crypto projects has been around for several years
  • Celebrities have also been caught up in the practice of crypto shilling, with some facing legal action for promoting scams
  • ‘Doing your own research’ before investing is highly recommended

A three-page spreadsheet allegedly breaking down the amount in dollars paid to numerous Twitter influencers to shill crypto projects has been leaked on the social media platform. Crypto-Twitter community member @zachxbt is at the helm of the alleged leak with a caption that states ‘New influencer shill price list leak’.

Crypto Influencers With a Higher Following Get Paid More

The leaked list, which can be found below, tabulates 115 Crypto influencers on Twitter and how much it costs to have each shill a project. Additionally, the leaked list seems to be from a crypto project with a budget of $120,000: $80k for a shill tweet and $40k for a retweet.

Page 1 of the ‘Shill Price list leak’. Source, @zachxbt on Twitter
Page 2 of the ‘Shill Price list leak’. Source, @zachxbt on Twitter
Page 3 of the ‘Shill Price list leak’. Source, @zachxbt on Twitter

From the list, it can be observed that crypto influencers with a higher following get paid more to shill a Tweet and retweet. For example, one Twitter influencer with 8.272 million followers gets paid $25,000 to shill one Tweet and $20,000 to retweet.


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