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LooksRare Becomes The 1st NFT Marketplace To Integrate Etherscan Chat
LooksRare announced it has partnered with Etherscan to integrate the ‘chat’ feature on its platform.
12:17 30th Mar, 2022

With this step, LooksRare has become the first NFT marketplace to integrate Etherscan Chat. The feature allows all users to directly send a message to the owner of an NFT or to an account on LooksRare.

“@LooksRareNFT is the first NFT marketplace to support Blockscan Chat!,” Etherscan tweeted. “NFT buyers and sellers may now easily start a conversation with each other.”

Recently, Etherscan rolled out a new NFT display UI. The built-in feature enables users to view the NFTs on the website. More importantly, the update added the ‘Chat with Owner’ button, using which users can chat with the NFT’s current owner. This feature is facilitated by Blockscan Chat, where you have to log in with your wallet to use the feature.

Now, LooksRare has partnered with Etherscan to utilise the Blockscan Chat feature. If you click the ‘Chat’ button on any asset, you can send a message to its owner. This is quite a useful feature if you want to know more about the project, its owner, or even negotiate a price.

“We partnered with @etherscan to make this possible by utilizing Blockscan Chat,” LooksRare wrote in a tweet. It added that it will work with Etherscan to provide chat notifications in the future.

With this move, LooksRare has given users one more reason to choose the platform over OpenSea. As we reported earlier, LooksRare is already OpenSea’s biggest competitor. In fact, according to DappRadar, LooksRare is currently the second-biggest NFT marketplace in terms of all-time sales volume. Can OpenSea hold on to its first place? Only time will tell!


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