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Muay Thai Living Legend Buakaw Banchamek Launches NFT Collection
Thailand kickboxing champion Buakaw Banchamek is launching an NFT collection known as Buakaw Club 1.
Kabir V.
11:24 4th May, 2022

The living legend is venturing into the digital NFT world after many years of success as a Muay Thai fighter.

Buakaw is one of the greatest boxers that ever lived in the history of Thai boxing and is now transferring his “fighter spirit” into the NFT world with this limited edition NFT collection. This is a big development for the hundreds of millions of fans he has all over the world.

Buakaw 1 is an NFT collection with 10,000 art pieces. Each of these pieces is unique and is designed to protect the fighter spirit of Buakaw Banchamek. With Buakaw’s popularity in the kickboxing world and the collection limited to 10,000, the collection is expected to perform exceptionally well and sell out within minutes.

Part of the collection will be an exclusive/limited edition reserved for Thai celebrities around the world to collaborate with the project in celebrating “the power of fighter spirit”. There are several perks for those who will hold the NFT pieces, including exclusive giveaways from Buakaw himself.

A Buakaw knock-out punch (NFT holder can select strength level)

Exclusive access for NFT holders only to meet and greet

Access to view fight matches between famous fighters

Online Live Stream of Buakaw’s private self-training that no one has ever seen before

Free tour at “Buakaw village” with an exclusive private training with Buakaw himself at Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Exclusive items with invaluable price e.g. Boxing shorts, Boxing mitts with Buakaw’s autograph, and some of his most cherished personal belongings

Privilege to join the secret “The Next Fighter” project

Privilege to join the “Muay Thai Metaverse”

The NFT presale comes up on 8 May 2022 and will be for one day only. Interested participants are to visit the website and also join the Buakaw 1 Discord community from now to secure a place for the upcoming presale.

To ensure the NFT collection launch becomes a big success, the project is partnering with major players in the NFT and crypto space, including SIX Network, FSN Asia, Definix, and YDM Thailand.


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