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NFTs Can Now Be Displayed On Your Apple Watch Face
NFTs can now be displayed as a watch face. Maybe NFTs aren’t as dead as we thought they were.
Kabir V.
7:38 22nd Jun, 2022

U.S. company Zelf now enables Apple Watch owners to display their favorite NFTs as watchface. Potentially, 50 million Americans could have NFT watch faces by tomorrow. No word on the rest of the world.

The company behind this latest showponying of NFTs is an American fintech company. They say they are focused on younger generations. Currently, they operate in the USA and the EU, to offer banking services inside social platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Discord.

ZELF say that 100 million Apple Watch wearers worldwide “will soon be able to bridge their non-fungible token collections of digital art to their watch faces.”

This move follows Tag Heuer’s announcement of the same nature. Tag’s Connected Calibre smartwatch also permits owners to display their NFTs.

Tag Heuer’s Connected Calibre Smartwatch

NFTs and the mass market

Elliot Goykhman is the CEO of ZELF. “We pursue different goals and target different markets – Tag Heuer and its parent company LVMH will continue to be luxury and elitist, our goal is mass adoption and inclusivity. Market of thousands versus market of hundreds of millions.”

ZELF has expanded into to the United States as a bank of the Metaverse. They say they want to bring game loot, NFTs and fiat under one banking umbrella. The launch will happen at NFT.NYC – the Superbowl of NFTs.

Says Goykhman, “Our Bank of the Metaverse technology will make trade of virtual assets as visual, tangible and exciting as baseball or Pokemon cards used to be, while providing a safe environment for buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets in the virtual worlds.”


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