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Bitcoin Based Australian Baseball Team Perth Heat Is Set To Change Sports In Different Way
An Australian baseball team, the first to fully adopt a bitcoin standard, is well-positioned to be a bitcoin advocate in the sports world.
5:55 2nd Jul, 2022

Almost 100 years since the Globetrotters were formed in 1926, the Perth Heat, Bitcoin’s baseball team from Australia, is set to change sports forever, but in a different way.

Originally, the Globetrotters played a huge role in the desegregation of professional basketball. But some 20,000 wins later, and having played for more than 120 million fans in 123 countries worldwide, the Globetrotters’ legend lives on.

Back in November, 2021, Perth Heat became the first team in the world of sports to begin operating on a Bitcoin standard. It’s a move which surprised many — a move which the skeptics laughed at, and a move which normies had no idea the meaning of or why a business would even consider BTC.

But just like every piece of technology that’s passed through human hands over centuries, these attitudes will change, and it won’t be too long before all professional sport teams have bitcoin integrated into their business.

Firstly, because their players will demand payment in bitcoin. Athletes understand low time preference better than most.

Secondly, sports organizations won’t remain competitive if they stay on the sidelines.

Likewise, bitcoin won’t win if it stays on the sidelines.

Recently, Block Inc. published some research on the global awareness of bitcoin which Marty Bent summarized in his issue-1218:

“Currently, the conversation around bitcoin is confined to Twitter, YouTube, technical mailing lists/forums, and GitHub. Whether you like it or not, one thing bitcoiners can do to try to close the information gap is meeting the audience where they live these days, which include platforms like TikTok and Instagram,” Bent wrote.


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