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Rapper Lil Baby Just Picked Up His Second DeadFellaz NFT
Rap superstar and avid NFT collector Lil Baby just doubled down on the DeadFellaz NFT collection. An eagle-eyed wallet watcher spotted the recent pick-up yesterday and shared the news on Twitter.
Himanshu S.
7:52 25th Mar, 2022

DeadFellaz #3439 is the latest addition to Lil Baby’s NFT collection

The Twitter user CryptoBanker (@TieAndCrypto) was the one to point out the recent purchase. Indeed, OpenSea and Etherscan show that Lil Baby’s verified OpenSea account bought the DeadFellaz NFT on March 23rd for 2.95 ETH. At the time of purchase, this equated to just under $9,000.

What’s more, a few members of the DeadFellaz horde were quick to point out that this wasn’t the first DeadFellaz NFT in Lil Baby’s wallet. On the contrary, Lil Baby acquired DeadFellaz #5402 back on Feb. 19 for 3.1 ETH. Given that the rap star doesn’t appear to have many multiples in his public wallet, it seems fair to say that he’s a big fan of the horde!

Of course, Lil Baby is just one of a number of celebrity DeadFellaz holders. Other famous faces in the horde include DJ Timmy Trumpet and actor Elijah Wood. The 10K collection of NFT avatars boasts a 2.5 ETH floor price and a holder count of about 6,200 at the time of writing.

Tweets alerting people of major celebrity NFT purchases are commonplace these days. They can be seen as a badge of honor for those NFT communities. In addition, some people even base their NFT trades off of which collections celebrities and influencers are buying into. However, that is something that many people – this reporter included – would advise against.

To illustrate why, a quick skim of Lil Baby’s OpenSea activity will reveal that a large amount of NFTs in the wallet are airdrops. That’s because many NFT collections will airdrop NFTs to famous collectors. As a result, it can appear that the person bought into the collection.


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