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Retail Chain Company 'Monoprix' Physically Sells NFTs In Its Paris Stores
Monoprix, the French retailer, has begun physically selling NFTs in its 3 stores in Paris. This unique initiative was complemented with training workshops to engage customers with the purchase.
11:30 14th Jul, 2022

French retailer Monoprix is the first ever to sell NFTs through its physical stores. This is the sale of Non-Fungible Tokens from the RudeKidz collection, which features images of rebellious teenagers in pop style, placed on Monoprix’s “shelf”.

This is a unique initiative that does need a “little help”, as most supermarket customers do not yet understand technology and NFTs. A recent study by Wunderman Thompson found that 74% of consumers have heard of the technology, but only 15% know how to explain it.

And so, in this respect, Monoprix has complemented the physical NFT sales campaign, valid until 21/7, with educational workshops directly in its stores.

Monoprix NFTs: how to physically distribute Non-Fungible Tokens

According to reports, it seems that in order to succeed in the mission of selling NFTs through physical stores, Monoprix had to come up with new ploys.

Basically, in order to purchase a RudeKidz NFTs, it is necessary to pay €249. To justify the price and encourage customers to buy a virtual product, the store also provides the customer with a RudeKidz card, T-shirt and bag, and a 20-euro Monoprix voucher.

They will not have a physical image as such, but a license to the image.

In this regard, Nicolas Joly, CEO of Casino Immobilier to which Monoprix belongs, reportedly said the goal of the move is to create a need to the consumer by explaining blockchain and NFT technology to them.

France and the first shopping center to accept crypto

While Monoprix is experimenting with the sale of NFTs in its stores, the Beaugrenelle appears to be the first shopping center in France to accept crypto payments, thanks to a partnership with the app Lyzi.

The 110-store shopping center in Paris’s 15th arrondissement recently explained that users will be able to purchase a Beaugrenelle gift card through the Lyzi app and spend using any of 21 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Once the crypto gift card is purchased, it will be possible to use it for purchases in the shopping center’s stores.


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