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Scottish Singer 'Lewis Capaldi' Headlining Reykjavik Live Defi Funded Event
Lewis Capaldi will play during a DeFi-funded event on August 23rd in Reykjavik. The show is backed up by XTIXS in partnership with GET Protocol. It is also the first DeFi-funded event by the singer.
7:21 10th Jun, 2022

Lewis Capaldi’s show is backed up by a bespoke application of blockchain technologies. This includes DeFi, NFT, and GET Protocol’s utility token $GET.

Through the event, future ticket inventory serves as collateral for a loan. Additionally, all tickets are NFTs making fraud and scalping totally impossible. It is a game-changing advancement that creates new revenue streams. At the same time, gives peace of mind to both music lovers and event promoters.

The funding process for the event took 24 hours and real, professional investors from different parts of the world participated. It creates the first precedent for a very powerful tool in an industry that has independence and decentralisation as key pillars of growth.

Maarten Bloemers CEO of GET Protocol says “Creators are no longer dependent on a boardroom decision. Now they can put money where their mouths are quite literally. This is truly a milestone that I am more than proud of. We look forward to crystalizing the Event Financing approach and rolling it out to all Ticketing Partners in the GET Protocol ecosystem.’”

In addition, Antonio Valero CRO from XTIXS notes: “The model under this partnership could mean a gamechanger for many content creators and fans. We are extremely happy to be collaborating with GET Protocol for an alternative independent and fair financing model for live entertainment”

A Breakthrough for E-ticketing Industry

QR codes on XTIXS tickets are dynamically changing all the time. Furthermore, each ticket is linked to a personal phone number. This makes it impossible for fraudsters to create any sort of secondary scalping sale.

Ultimately, Lewis Capaldi’s event is another historic moment on how blockchain tech changes the game for the e-ticketing industry. From concerts, festivals, destination places, and flights, it will certainly change the system for the better, one NFT ticket at a time.


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