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Police In Maryland's Town Warn Of Crypto Scam
The Snow Hill Police Department is warning people about a new Crypto-Currency scam.
Uzma D.
11:27 16th Apr, 2022

Police say someone in town received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the United States Custom and Border Patrol. According to police, the person was told there was a warrant for their arrest,and that they needed to send Crypto-Currency while they were on the phone.

Snow Hill officers say the resident fell victim to the scam, in part because the scammer spoofed the Snow Hill Police Department number, so the call appeared to come from the non-emergency police line.

Police say the scammer identified themselves as a Snow Hill police officer.

"Criminals are getting more and more creative and technically skilled," a Snow Hill Police release says. "Our victim had no way of knowing the call from our department was a hoax and was product of a computer software program."

Police remind everyone that no law enforcement officer will take payment or call you over the phone to satisfy a warrant. If you receive such a call, police say record the number, hang up, and contact local Law Enforcement and provide the number if possible. If you have been a victim, please let Law Enforcement know and efforts to identify these individuals will be taken.


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