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Star Basketball Player Kyrie Irving Apes Into The Loser Club NFT Project
NBA Champion Kyrie Irving just announced his triumphant entry into the Loser Club NFT project. He posted 2 Losers on his Twitter, while the wallet holds 11 Losers at the time of writing.
Uzma D.
12:24 12th Apr, 2022

With a little boost from Kyrie Irving, the NFT collection just hit the 6k ETH milestone and now has a floor price of 0.27 ETH. The 10k project was made available on 4 March with a mint price of 0.088 ETH. This project goes out to all the losers in the world, the bohemian hedonists if you will. The community of 5.4k contrarians essentially celebrates non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.

Todd Nebula (J’von) wants this project to be a community of losers, where all owners are now part of the LoserFund. Moving forward, the community will decide for themselves their future roadmap.

Career-wise, Kyrie Irving is probably as far from a loser as you can get. The Brooklyn Net was the first overall pick coming out of Duke, and subsequently named Rookie of the Year. The 7-time All Star got his first NBA ring in 2016, beating Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors. It was his historic three-pointer that completed the insane comeback, bringing Cleveland’s championship drought to an end.

Nevertheless, he can definitely resonate with being a Loser since the pandemic. Kyrie is one of the few players that continues to stand his ground and not take the Covid-19 vaccine. This meant that he was not allowed to play home games under the New York City mandate. Anyway, the city recently lifted the mandate and he’s now back on the court as they go into the NBA play-in tournament.


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