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Steve Aoki's Azuki NFT Floor Drops Fast
Well, well, well. It looks like DJ Steve Aoki has done it again. Apparently, Aoki’s infamous ‘Aoki Curse’ has caught up with the Azuki NFT collection. After a stellar month in April, Azuki’s floor has dropped significantly to 8 ETH.
10:45 11th May, 2022

As this comes soon after the DJ aped into the collection, Twitter is again flooded with talks of the Aoki curse.

The Aoki curse is a strange myth making the rounds on crypto Twitter. Many believe that every time the famous DJ apes into a collection, there is a tendency for its floor to drop. The most recent example is the Moonbirds NFT project.

Post its launch last month, the Moonbirds NFT collection was on a successful upward climb. However, soon after Aoki bought a Moonbird, the collection’s floor has been dropping. It is currently at 22.3 ETH.

Obviously, the actual reason could simply be that the NFT market as a whole is currently down. Nonetheless, crypto Twitter wasted no time in attributing the floor drop to Aoki.

Azuki NFT’s floor is dropping fast

The Azuki NFT project was storming the charts last month. However, from an average price of 36 ETH in early April, the figure has dropped to 10.58 ETH, as per OpenSea statistics. Needless to say, the recent revelations about Azuki founder, ZAGABOND.ETH is likely the cause.

But, that hasn’t stopped crypto Twitter from laying the blame on the Aoki curse. Recently, when Aoki bought an Azuki NFT, people raised their concerns on Twitter. Just 19 hours after the DJ bought the NFT, its floor fell 7.11% to 23 ETH.

Now that the floor has dropped further, some users have tweeted, “The curse of aoki just sealed the fate of azuki.”

Meanwhile, another tweeted, “The CURSE of Aoki continues! Buys moonbirds, it starts to go down. Buys Azuki 24 hours later the price is 50% less.”


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