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Steve Aoki To Enter The Sandbox As A Playable Avatar
The Sandbox has published a blog post to break the news that Steve Aoki is set to enter The Sandbox in 3,333 digital avatars.
Himanshu S.
3:27 20th Jul, 2022

Each avatar will be playable in the metaverse, with its holders getting access to a unique set of functionalities and the opportunity to earn SAND by playing the game.

A total of 3,333 avatars will be randomly generated. They will fall in six different Rarity Tiers, namely:-

  • Gold Rarity – 2%
  • Diamond Rarity – 9%
  • Hybrid Rarity – 14%
  • Rainbow Rarity – 18%
  • Android Rarity – 22%
  • Human Rarity – 35%

Moreover, they will create several other 1/1 rare and exclusive Avatars.

The cost of minting one avatar has been set to 100 SAND, which will be playable inside the metaverse, with the earliest usage expected to go live in Alpha Season 3. One can claim a digital avatar of Steve Aoki on the official minting webpage of The Sandbox.

A digital avatar will be revealed to the holder 48 hours after it has been minted on OpenSea. Users can mint the avatar with any wallet they have access to.

Once available, one can select the avatar by navigating to Avatar Manager in The Sandbox dashboard. If the avatar has not been revealed after 48 hours, press the Refresh Metadata button on OpenSea and check again.

Users can still participate after the primary sale has concluded. They can access a secondary marketplace – OpenSea – to trade the avatar with a holder at the prevailing price.

Anyone can get started with getting whitelisted and buying the avatar of Steve Aoki by creating an account on The Sandbox. Users must ensure that their wallet is correctly linked to the account with sufficient SAND for minting and ETH for covering the gas fees.

Hold any one of the below-mentioned NFTs to get whitelisted for early access to minting:-

  • Steve Aoki NFTs
  • The Doggies Avatar
  • The Sandbox LAND
  • Winning a Twitter Contest
  • People of Crypto Avatar


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