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Spanish Professional Football Club 'Real Madrid' Metaverse Provides A Virtual Stadium
Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer club, hopes to unite its worldwide audience with Web 3.0 activations driven by real-time translation.
Himanshu S.
11:31 11th May, 2022

Real Madrid’s metaverse includes a virtual stadium as well as real-time translation capabilities. The Real Madrid Virtual World smartphone app is available. Exclusive content, a stadium tour, and chat rooms are all promised by the club. Real Madrid is hoping that a new virtual social network developed in collaboration with Astosch Technology can engage the club’s global following.

Stay up to date with the latest sports business news and insights. Enter your email address. Serie A broadcasts the first live soccer match in the metaverse. Real Madrid connect with Cisco for Santiago Bernabéu technology overhaul. The platform will also use digital avatars and multimedia translation tools to allow for interactions between fans in different territories. Real are also promising to offer prizes and exclusive content via the metaverse project. The ultimate ambition is to engage fans who are passionate about the team but may never be able to attend a game, and help them communicate with other fans who they may otherwise never meet due to physical and linguistic obstacles.

Several sports organisations believe the metaverse can engage younger, digitally native fans and bring international fanbases closer to the club. Some have used the technology to live stream matches, hold virtual events, and offer interactive experiences and games. For its own metaverse effort, Real Madrid have worked with Astosch to build a digital recreation of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, offering fans the ability to walk the corridors of the famous arena – including a 3D recreation of the trophy cabinet – and the surrounding area.

The ‘Real Madrid Virtual World’ platform is available as a mobile application for both iOS and Android mobile platforms as a free download. NWSL CBA gives players ownership over their biometric data. Agreement struck earlier this year includes provisions for data protection. Five-year CBA increases minimum salary and player protection measures. NWSLPA execs successfully carved out player data as part of labour talks. The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)’s first ever collective bargaining agreement (CBA) includes provisions that grant players ownership over any biometric data collected via wearable devices.

“We do see the broadcast value of aggregate, non-individually identifiable data being shared as a way to add interest for fans. That’s not really the issue,” Burke is quoted as saying. “The greater concern is when (the data) is individually identifiable and who owns that information. So, we would say that players own that data and that it shouldn’t be disclosed without their consent. “In the CBA, we fought for the right for players to choose whether or not to wear the GPS tracking devices that monitor heart rate, distance covered and things of that nature. So players can choose whether to wear that and they own that data. That is their data.”

Many clubs and leagues track player data for fitness, coaching, and media purposes, leading to data governance debates over how it is used and processed, and who has ultimate ownership of what can be highly sensitive – and valuable – information. Meghann Burke, executive director of the NWSL Players Association (NWSLPA), told NBC Sports she understood the value of such data in driving revenues and enhancing performance, and that there was inadequate research and data on women’s health in professional sport.

The first ever CBA in the history of the NWSL was agreed earlier this year and lasts through to 2026. The agreement will increase the minimum player salary, greater provisions for revenue sharing, limits the maximum number of games, and guarantees parental and mental health leave. Earlier this week, the NWSL named HR, payroll and workforce management company UKG as the first-ever title sponsor of the Challenge Cup.


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