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Tiffany Enters The NFT Space By Buying Rocket Factory's Okapi NFT For 115 ETH
Tiffany & Co. Tom Sachs owns Rocket Factory's "Okapi". There are 1.8 thousand pieces in the collection, and the base price of the pieces stands out as 2.33 ETH.
Ankita K.
11:57 26th Mar, 2022

American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. announced on Twitter that it had purchased Okapi NFT from Rocket Factory, an NFT series, to enter the NFT field. According to OpenSea data, few days ago, sold Okapi NFTs for 115 ETH. At present, Tiffany has replaced the Twitter avatar with this NFT.

It has come to light that American artist Tom Sachs launched a rocket Factory in August last year. The rocket consists of three components NFTs: head, trunk, and tail. These can be interconnected together to make a complete rocket. The upper limit of complete rockets is 1,000.

At this point , it is worth mentioning the details of the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory project . Rocket Factory places the names of different brands on rocket parts and combines these parts through an algorithm. The "perfect rocket" is created by combining all the parts with a single brand name. The rocket parts of the collection include names such as Hermes, McDonalds, Ferari, Malboro, NASA and Atari. There are 1.8 thousand pieces in the collection , and the floor price of the pieces stands out as 2.33 ETH.

After the NFT is purchased, the team first builds a physical version of the rocket and launches it into the sky. Documenting the launch moment with video footage, the team delivers the physical rocket along with the video content to the person who bought the NFT after the launch.

Artist Tom Sachs has come to the fore with his space-themed exhibitions he held in different regions under the name of "Space Program". Tom Sachs Rocket Factory also showcases the continuity of the artist's work.

Tiffany & Co. In his statement, he stated that he was excited to continue their long-standing partnership with Tom Sachs. In the post, Tom Sachs' longtime Tiffany & Co. It was also emphasized that he produced art around his brand.

Tiffany & Co. stated that the future is brighter with NFTs and the future of fine art collectors is here.

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