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To Honour Indian Cinema, Metascreen Has Launched The NFT Ticket Collection
Metascreen, a curated NFT marketplace, has launched a movie ticket NFT collection to celebrate the history of Indian cinema.
Himanshu S.
7:55 30th Jun, 2022

The platform claims this is India’s first-ever NFT ticket collection. What’s more, the collection pays tribute to the iconic Indian music director, R D Burman. Let’s take a closer look at what Metascreen is and what its movie ticket NFT collection is all about.

Metascreen’s NFTs celebrate some of the icons in Indian cinema. Credit: Metascreen

Titled “Celebrating the Challengers”, Metascreen’s NFT ticket collection includes a total of 26 NFTs. The unique collection celebrates the artists and creators throughout the history of Indian cinema. What’s more, each NFT serves as a key to unlocking the content on the Metascreen website.

Some of the iconic movies featured in the collection include:

  • Raja Harishchandra (1913)
  • Alam Ara (1931)
  • Kisan Kanya (1937)
  • Dhoop Chhaon (1935)
  • Sangam (1964)
  • Taal (1998)
  • Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006)

“With our first-ever NFT collection we are here to celebrate the challengers in Indian cinema,” said Pradeep Singh, Founder & CEO of SquirrelVerse, Metascreen’s parent company. “As fellow cinema lovers, and being a huge Pancham fan myself, we are delighted to open our ticket sale on our beloved Pancham da’s birthday!”

Recently, Metascreen also launched what it claims is India’s first NFT-ticketed movie. To explain, it screened ‘Mithila Makhaan’, a national award-winning Maithili Film, on the platform. To watch the movie, users first have to buy an NFT, which serves as a movie ticket.

Already, Mithila Makhaan has won several accolades, including the 63rd National Film Award under the language category. Besides, it was selected for the International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA) in Toronto and the Jagran Film Festival, among others. With the NFT debut, it has added another feather to its cap.

“It gives me almost the same feeling as receiving the National Award that this film is the first one getting onto NFT,” said Samir Kumar, the movie’s producer.

Mithila Makhaan, India’s first movie with an NFT ticket. Credit: Metascreen

Metascreen is a recently-launched NFT marketplace from SquirrelVerse, a metaverse company. In fact, Metascreen is only the first step in SquirrelVerse’s plans to build a large metaverse ecosystem. Ultimately, the company aims to help brands and creators foray into the metaverse.

Meanwhile, Metascreen aims to offer real-world utility through its NFTs. Essentially, it functions as a platform where users can both buy NFTs and watch movies. Creators can release movies, poetry, books, and more and they will have complete ownership over their artworks. As with most NFT marketplaces, here too, creators can earn royalties from future sales of their works.


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