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Top 10 Crypto News, 10th August
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Kabir V.
1:17 10th Aug, 2022

Paris Hilton Builds Her Own Virtual Malibu Mansion In The Sandbox

OG crypto queen Hilton is beefing up her Web3 presence. Paris World will have events for fans to attend online. You are going to need to like pink a whole lot.

Nas Academy & Invisible College Introduce Their Web3 Crypto Academy Accessible Through Decentralien NFTs

Initiatives like Invisible College help people better understand this new frontier and its opportunities. A new crypto academy has been launched through a partnership with Nas Academy, which one can only access by holding a Decentralien NFT.

Iran Makes $10M Import With Crypto, Plans 'Widespread' Use By End Of Sept

Prolonged economic sanctions against the Islamic state have forced Iran to start using crypto as a medium of exchange for international trade deals.

Mercado Libre To Expand Crypto Trading Across Latin America

The company’s Mercado Pago digital wallet began allowing crypto buys and sells in Brazil in December, and quickly nabbed 1 million users.

Arsenal Get Second Warning From Advertising Watchdog For NFT Promotions

The ASA lambasted the club for not making it sufficiently clear that the value of investments in paid-for tokens was variable and that the crypto assets were unregulated

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency Hosts 2022 Global Metaverse Conference

Opportunities to stimulate Metaverse industry cooperation and exchange between ASEAN-ROK countries.

California Regulator Orders Celsius To Stop Selling Securities In The State

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation previously ordered BlockFi and Voyager to stop their offerings in the state.

DeFi Needs A ‘Killer App’ To Go Next Level, Says Ripple Exec

A panel at the Blockchain Futurist Conference was asked about the future of decentralized finance and what was needed to be done to bring about mainstream adoption.

MicroStrategy Explored Options From Art To Real Estate Before Bitcoin Buys, New CEO Says

New MicroStrategy (MSTR) CEO Phong Le backed up Michael Saylor's decision to hold bitcoin on the company's balance sheet.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, & Chainlink Daily Crypto Price Analysis

The performance of Bitcoin has also seen a decline as it has shed 4.16% over the last day. Ethereum has also faced bearishness as it has shed 5.79% in a day. Tron and Chainlink are both bearish as they have regressed 2.66% and 2.38%, respectively.

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