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UAE-Based Financial Services Company Becomes The First Official Metaverse Registered In DMCC Dubai
The ICICB Metaverse by the ICICB Metaverse group has achieved the title of being the first official metaverse registered in DMCC Dubai. DMCC Dubai is building the UAE’s leading ecosystem to support cryptographic, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies.
Himanshu S.
11:30 10th May, 2022

ICICB is the world’s most secure blockchain network that paves the way for innovations in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and more. The project has developed a virtual world or metaverse where the users can be whoever they want to be with and interact with other users, own virtual land, and earn a living.

The Metaverse by ICICB is a metaverse for everyone and allows the users to perform all these activities from the comfort of their home and is secured using the ICICB chain. Every user in ICICB metaverse can become an expert time traveler, witnessing the development from the stone age to the world of the future on a whim and exploring the vast multitude of experiences offered by human life.

Being registered as the first official metaverse project on DMCC Dubai is a significant achievement for the project as it reinforces the potential and utility of the project and showcases the strength of the industry. The Metaverse by ICICB is a utility-rich project with several exciting features and avenues, such as an Atari 3D blockchain casino, a first-person shooter MMORPG game, etc., for the users to explore.

Metaverses have recently shown massive potential with Facebook changing its name to Meta. Now with ICICB marking the first official government recognized metaverse project, mass adoption of the space is underway.


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