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US Justice Department Seizes $500K From North Korean-Backed Hackers
Using ransomware, the U.S. Justice Department was able to seize around US$500,000, according to Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco's announcement on Tuesday.
Ankita K.
5:08 20th Jul, 2022

Medical professionals in Kansas and Colorado who were targeted by the previously unheard-of ransomware strain known as Maui received Bitcoin ransom demands from hackers. Hackers with ties to North Korea are thought to be behind hostile hacks that stole hundreds of millions of dollars from cryptocurrency companies to reportedly finance the nuclear weapons programme of the government.

A Kansas medical facility paid a $100,000 Bitcoin ransom in May 2021 after being unable to access its servers for more than a week as a result of socialist state hackers who were allegedly utilising the Maui ransomware.

According to the justice department, the medical centre and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) located the ransomware and linked the cryptocurrency transaction to a North Korean money laundering scheme operating out of China.

The FBI discovered a US$120,000 Bitcoin transfer from a Colorado doctor into one of the cryptocurrency accounts mentioned in the Kansas investigation in April 2022.


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