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Video Game Star Atlas Announce DAO & Updated Marketplace
The popular gaming metaverse Star Atlas announced the launch of the Star Atlas DAO on Thursday at the 426LIVE community event.
Uzma D.
6:33 23rd Jul, 2022

Based on Solana, Star Atlas has some superb backing, and although the game isn’t fully playable yet, many believe this is the future of blockchain gaming. Now, it plans to involve its massive community with the ability to participate in decision-making processes.

Star Atlas DAO will give the community a voice

The Star Atlas community has played a huge role in the game’s success. Because of that, Star Atlas wants to reward them with DAO rights. One important feature is that the DAO will incorporate the governance token POLIS. It also comes with a five-year locked staking period for those interested.

Moreover, along with the Star Atlas DAO news, they have also announced a revamp of the Galactic Marketplace, complete with a new look and more cool features.

In 2020, Wagner and Pablo Quiroga created Star Atlas, an incredible vision for a gaming metaverse. The game will launch this year; however, many aspects of the game are now playable, and a browser minigame is available. The NFT marketplace, a core aspect of the Star Atlas game, is already live, and the DAO is coming soon.

Star Atlas is a vast universe massively multiplayer online (MMO) PC game with the implementation of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

You play in 2060, where the world is split into three factions who fight and compete for vital resources, territory and political rule.

Factions will get their own DAO

Significantly, in the future, all three factions within the Star Atlas game will also have their own DAO. The faction DAOs will add new dimensions to the game and make it more strategic.

Finally, Star Atlas has redesigned its Galactic Marketplace, where players can trade NFTs and more. The brand new marketplace offers traders a better, quicker and easier experience for the gaming metaverse. Notably, players can now also deal directly with each other.


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