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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté By L’Oréal Launches Its NFTs
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté (YSL Beauté), the iconic brand of the L’Oréal Group, is embarking on its Web3 journey, starting with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), thanks to a collaboration with agency Wunderman Thompson.
Muskaan T.
1:30 15th Jun, 2022
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and its journey into NFTs and Web3
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and the access to its Web3 ecosystem via NFTs
  • From the beauty industry to film and entertainment

NFTs are conquering all sectors, so much so that even the beauty giant Yves Saint Laurent Beauté of the L’Oréal Group wanted to start this new journey.

The NFT YSL Beauty Golden Blocks

According to reports, it seems YSL Beauté is set to launch its first drop of 10,000 free NFTs on 15 June, which will give those who request them, including Vivatech visitors and followers of the @YSLBeauty Instagram and Twitter accounts, access to the brand’s Web3 ecosystem.

In practice, these are 10,000 NFTs called Golden Blocks minted on Polygon’s blockchain that will be accessible via the YSL Beauty Wallet app, a wallet developed in collaboration with Arianee.

Once granted access, users who are fans of the beauty brand will be able to join future drops, as well as exclusive experiences such as artist fan tokens developed in collaboration with the P00LS platform.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and the access to its Web3 ecosystem via NFTs

YSL Beauté’s strategy of using NFTs as access to its Web3 ecosystem is quite unusual and distinguishes it from other brands.

On this subject, Stephan Bezy, CEO of YSL Beauté said:

“To us, web3 holds the promise of intensified experiences, where artistic reinvention and genuine emotions collide. On this path into the unknown, we believe there is room to play with the codes of beauty, to push the boundaries of creativity and technology and to help shape a bolder present. All on the edge of reality”.

Not only that, as early as 21 June, thanks to the partnership with P00Ls, there will already be the first two musical artists, Agathe Mougin and Kittens, for whom the first fan tokens will be launched, inviting the community to connect directly with them.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee, also commented on this:

“We are delighted to enable YSL Beauté to enter into web3 with our end-to-end solution. From minting NFTs and distributing them to the brand community, to leveraging them with token-gated content, utility and a new generation of digital relationships, the brand uses our platform to its full extent”.


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